About Greenwood Cemetery

The Grounds

Established and chartered in June of 1879, The Greenwood Cemetery is a public service institution situated on a tract of land in White Township, which overlooks the town of Indiana Pennsylvania from the South. 

At the time of incorporation, the original area coverage of the cemetery consisted of sixteen acres, situated on a gently sloping hillside. Following the original incorporation, the first interment was performed on October 4th, 1879.

The Layout

A Mausoleum containing 169 crypts was constructed on the original sixteen-acre tract of land and is able to accommodate full caskets and/or cremation containers. More acreage was periodically purchased, which has expanded the cemetery grounds to meet the needs of the community. A Chapel facility was constructed on the cemetery grounds and is available for funeral/memorial services. In addition, The Greenwood Cemetery was innovative in being the first local cmetery in the Indiana Pennsylvania area to install a Columbarium — a 48-niche facility used exclusively for cremation burials. 

The cemetery currently consists of six numerically identified sections, A-Z alphabetically identifed areas and AA-WW doulbe-alphabetically identified areas. In addition, there are four Garden sections which are restricted to flat bronze markers.

Our Services

Careful and prompt attention is given to the care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds, buildings and grave-sites. The Greenwood Cemetery utilizes modern equipment to keep the grounds attractive and appealing to the public and the community. 

Services include, but are not limited to, the sale of available burial plots to the public, the opening and closing of graves at the time of interment and perpetual care of burial plots.